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15 min
35 min
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Zahl der Personen: 5
300 g. yeast water preferment

202 g. organic wheat flour

215 g. organic bread flour

93 g. organic peanuts, chopped or milled

8 g. sea salt

219 g. water


  • mix flour, water and let it soak for 30 minutes
    add the yeasted prefement / yeast water
  • preferment and mix for 2,5 minutes on lowest speed
  • continue for 4 minutes on second speed and add the chopped / milled peanuts and mix for additional one minutes - together maximum 7,5 minutes as a longer fermentation time will follow
  • let it now rest for 2,5 hours with one fold after 50 and 100 minutes
    preshape and let it relax for 15 minutes
    shape it and move it seam side down

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