Rustikale bio-joghurtbrötchen mit 38% weizenvollkorn

4 Portionen
10 min
25 min
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Zahl der Personen: 4
156 g. Yeast Water Preferment

162 g. Soaker

240 g. organic Wheat Flour

174 g. organic joghurt

10 g. seasalt


  • Mix all ingredients well together 2,5 minutes on lowest speed
  • Continue on second speed until the dough dissolves from the bowl but maximum up to 4 to 4,5 minutes - overall max.
  • Shape it as rolls and let it finally rest at 28 degree for 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Bake at 270 degree falling to 230 degree with steam for 20 minutes. Let the oven door slightly open the last 5 minutes - release steam after 10 minutes


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